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Public Events and Flash Mob Entertainment in Dubai


As a renowned entertainment company based in the heart of the world’s most thriving and influential city, we take it upon ourselves to lead various public events like happenings, mall activations, concerts, and flash mobs. Our public events strike a perfect balance between creativity and quality, always ensuring a proactive event management team to deliver events of a grand nature. Originality pulsates through our veins: we are driven towards achieving innovation in the mundane; towards refreshing the tried-and-tested with new, modern reworkings; and towards invoking positive reactions in the public.

What is a flash mob?

This term is used to describe a group of people who unsuspectingly assemble together in a public place to perform a short rehearsed act for the purpose of entertainment, social, political and artistic expression, and marketing strategies.

Our Dubai flash mob company is highly skilled in creating attention-grabbing pockets of choreography displays around the city, treating passers-by to a brief but highly-effective miniature performance. Discover the talents of our performers today!

Our inventive choreography promises to make a statement

Picture this: you’re walking through a bustling airport, anxious to catch your flight. You’re completing your farewells, browsing through the airport shops, stopping to grab a coffee and making last-minute checks of your baggage. All of a sudden, a stream of flight attendants descends an escalator and breaks into choreography. Music blasts over the loudspeakers. They are met by hordes of ‘regular citizens’ who join them in dance. Soon enough, people from all over the airport have come to watch this dance spectacle.

This is what happened when our flash mob company took to Dubai Airport in a hit marketing ploy by DXB Connect to draw attention to their new credit card. The random burst of entertainment amongst the everyday was hugely successful, creating buzz around a business in a way that flouts convention. This is what we do – our public displays of flash mob choreography inject thrills into your day-to-day tasks while building positive advertisement for businesses and products.

Contact Dance it out Dubai to find out more about our public event entertainment options

Our entertainment company is here to tailor an event that perfectly matches your needs. Send us an email or phone us today to discover how you can transform your next event in a brand new way!

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