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"What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts go so fast. Fashion is an instant language."

Miuccia Prada


Beyond the vaunted glitz and glamour, fashion is about the art of creating designs that are aesthetically pleasing. It is more than just the expensive fabrics, the designer brands, and the flash of lightbulbs from the cameras. It is about making something that inspires adoration and awe from those that behold it. We at DANCE IT OUT DUBAI have a passion for fashion, beauty, art, and creativity. As such, we strive to produce only the best quality fashion events for our clients.

DANCE IT OUT DUBAI is all about designing and producing unforgettable moments. Recognized worldwide ~ from Beijing to NYC, from LA to Tokyo, from Milan to Paris, DANCE IT OUT DUBAI aims to provide service unlike any provided by other fashion show organisers.

As one of the leading fashion show production companies in Dubai, our priority is to ensure that we meet our customers’ expectations. Headed by renowned choreographer and art director – Sophie Celikoz, our creative and production agencies in Paris, London and Dubai provide art direction, creative concepts, lighting and set design, and cover every aspect and all logistics of production.

With our full-service solutions, you have access to event planning and management resources unavailable to other fashion show production companies.

With our services, you can have unprecedented control over every aspect of your show, from the overseer level aspects of setup, planning and marketing of the event, to the more specific details such as the selection of the clothing choices and models to be presented at the event.

Our company in Dubai is committed to excellence, and we remain curious and open-minded, always taking into consideration the cultural context of wherever we are. If you want to produce and event that truly makes a mark in the minds of people, an event that people will remember and talk about for a long time, count on DANCE IT OUT DUBAI to deliver.

DANCE IT OUT DUBAI - show production is ours!

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