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Event Industry demand is huge. There are many companies existing, and providing the same packages, and ‘has-been’ regurgitated and imitated designs and entertainment. At Dance It Out Dubai we have generated our elite reputation, and recognition for being one of a kind, as everything we produce is literally that one of a kind!

Each event is designed uniquely from scratch. No idea, costume, set up, or prop is ever used twice, and we thrive ourselves on being unique and individual each and every time. Producing stunning, wow-factor events. We aim to amaze, and produce each aspect with ease, professionalism and totally stress free. You, or your client just needs to attend the event and we promise to amaze. An event, whether for one night, or continual number of evenings, each and every conference, product launch, event, has an expiry date. However with Dance it out Dubai we produce such memorable work, that even though your event may physically be over, the lasting image will remain with those who attended forever.



Why should YOU should work with us?


Events can be the first image and opportunity your clients, officials and attendees have to visualise and interact with your brand first-hand. From the initial design, your theme, the execution and atmospheric vibe reflect you, and impact your reputation. At Dance It Out Dubai, we understand how essential your event is, and you can be sure that you will receive unquestioned success. Whether your event is in the Middle East, or you have no location ideas, we can turn any area into the ideal destination, unique and outstanding, specifically for your event, making each and every detail a memorable one.

Dance It Out Dubai was created specifically for unique and individual concepts, displaying excellence and thrilling event designs.


What makes us different?


Simple: EXPERIENCE. We do not employ the usual event designers and production managers available on the market today, as our events are far from usual. Each and every single one of our employees has an international successful career, coached and guided by Sophie Celikoz. A true professional and internationally recognized performer, choreographer, champion and event designer. Leading at the world famous Lido de Paris, a Latin Dance Champion, and Artistic Director for high flying luxury brands she has worked competitively and determined, to reach where she is today. We display excellence as we are from the excellent.We are compared too, copied, and very competitive! Our team of high international professionals love drive, diversity, and a challenge. No event is ever too big or too small, when something is going on, we make it memorable.


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