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"Dance It Out Dubai Events & Entertainment" is glad to design full show production, the team will be able to propose you all the necessary key elements to make your event one to remember:


At "Dance It Out Dubai Events & Entertainment" our team of professionals with combined years of experience will be able to propose you staging ideas to enhance the dynamic of your event.

Whether you wish to have a curved, round, straight, customized stage our team will make sure it is delivered.

Covering options are endless from wooden parquet, carpet, or acrylic, we have the solution for you!


At "Dance It Out Dubai Events & Entertainment" a large quantity and range of lighting is available. From generic lights to large scale moving heads we offer a broad range of choice for any style of event. LED screens, video mapping, water projections, we have everything.

Our expertise and ability to understand you will allow us to turn your event into a festival of lights!


At "Dance It Out Dubai Events & Entertainment" we have the privilege to have as Artistic Director: Sophie Celikoz, world latin dancer champion and one of the principal dancer of the famous "Lido de Paris".

From the casting to the choreography Sophie Celikoz will create stunning dance shows, aerials, and special acts. 

At "Dance It Out Dubai Events & Entertainment"  we display talented models, hair and make up artists so the success of your event is guaranteed.

Show production is what has made us famous, let's meet together and we will show you how exceptionnal we are!

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